The Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day Concert: ‘The Best Of The Best’

Jul 2, 2021 Contact

Chattanooga restaurants are celebrating the holidays with a new, one-day-only celebration of Chick-fil-A.

Cheddar’s will host a special concert and other events in the downtown area on December 20.

The concert and event will be the first time a concert and/or other event at Chick-FIL-A is available in Chattanooga.

Caught in a Holiday Trap: A Chattanooga Restaurant’s New Song for Christmas Cheddard’s owner and CEO Dan Cheddar said the concert will also be the last time that Chattanooga restaurants will be open.

The city is on a holiday shopping binge and Chedder said he’s already seeing restaurants closed or delayed due to this holiday season.

Cheneser and the rest of Chedds team are working hard to bring Chick-FAM back to the downtown of the city and are excited about how the concert and events will go.

Chesapeake Bayou is home to some of Chattanooga’s best restaurants, Cheds said.

He said the restaurant is thrilled to bring the concert back to its beloved downtown.

Chingdar said he hopes the concert comes as a surprise for those who didn’t know about it.

“We’re hoping it’s a surprise, it’s definitely something that we couldn’t do without,” he said.

“It’s a nice way for us to celebrate and thank the city of Chattanooga and the employees, the city is amazing.”

Cheddar added that the concert is also a chance for the city to get back to work.

“We are very excited about it and it’s going to be great,” he added.

Chetdar said he will be sharing more information about the concert as the event unfolds.

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