How do you make German restaurants more American? The best part is the only thing that matters

Jul 20, 2021 Abou

Recode host Kara Swisher is back with the top 10 best American restaurants in the world, with her pick of the best American diners.1.

The Garten Burger at The Olde Garten in West Bloomfield, Minnesota.

The best burger in the United States.

This is a classic, but the best burger you can have in the country.2.

The Steak and Eggs at Gourmet Grill & Bar in San Antonio, Texas.

The second best burger ever.3.

The Meatballs at The Meat Palace in Austin, Texas, the only steak and eggs in the U.S. with meatballs in them.4.

The Fish & Chips at Oceana Grill in Minneapolis, Minnesota, which is also a steak and egg restaurant.5.

The Fried Chicken Sandwich at The Roxy in Boston, Massachusetts, which has an awesome fried chicken sandwich that is a must try.6.

The Bistro at The St. Croix Grill in Portland, Maine, the best steak and fish sandwich in the states.7.

The Cheeseburger at Bar Louie in New York City, which can only be made in New Jersey.8.

The Bacon Buns at The Bazaar in Brooklyn, New York, the cheeseburger that made the first ever burger.9.

The Spaghetti & Meatballs Sandwich at Sushi Bistros in San Diego, California, the burger with spaghetti and meatballs.10.

The Sausage Rolls at The Grill at the Bowery in New Orleans, Louisiana, the first sausage roll in the States.

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