How Fort Collins’ Fort Collins restaurant chain plans to grow, expand and keep its name

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In November, the Fort Collins Restaurant Group announced plans to expand its food-delivery service to Fort Collins, the city of Fort Collins and a handful of surrounding towns.

The move, known as the FortCollins Express, is aimed at serving more customers within a 10-minute drive of the city.

The Fort Collins Express will be based in a renovated warehouse that opened in October, according to a release from the company.

It will also include a food-service component that will include delivery and takeout, and a small dining room that will feature two dining rooms with a bar and a restaurant kitchen.

It’s unclear if the restaurant will also offer a small bar.

The restaurant will not be a traditional restaurant.

It won’t be serving food directly to customers or serve as a stand-alone restaurant.

Instead, the restaurant chain will offer its services to a large, online-only community.

The Fort CollinsExpress website says that customers will be able to book an appointment and order their food, either via the website or by phone.

The website will also have information on restaurants in the city and offer tips on how to prepare your food and how to get the freshest food.

The company’s website also offers information on how customers can get in touch with the Fort Colin restaurant group and ask for advice and assistance.

Fort Collins is in the midst of an urban renaissance.

A growing number of downtown businesses are opening and attracting more people.

The city is also beginning to offer a public transportation system.

In November, Fort Collins Mayor Ron Davis announced plans for a $300 million plan to redevelop the downtown area.

The plan includes a hotel and a retail and restaurant district.

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