Trump tweets a map of the restaurant chain’s locations in San Diego

Aug 18, 2021 Blog

President Donald Trump has just tweeted a map to show restaurants in San Diego and El Paso that are still open, but are now closed.

The President tweeted on Monday that he’s reopening some restaurants and ordering more food.

“I just ordered a whole pizza and two burgers at two different locations in downtown San Diego, and I’m opening the restaurants back up,” Trump said in a tweet.

He did not give any locations.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the Trump Organization said the President’s tweets were “misleading and inaccurate.”

The tweet is the latest in a series of missteps by the Trump Administration.

The President, who has faced multiple controversies in his first year in office, has been criticized for not meeting with the families of fallen service members and for taking money from Mexican drug cartels.

He has also called for a halt to U.S. funding for the United Nations, which has been the subject of criticism.

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