What to expect when Portland-area restaurants open for business

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The first day of the new year is here, and it’s all about opening restaurants in the Portland area.

Here are some of the big ones that will be opening for business.

First, let’s start with a big, long-awaited one: Portland’s newest restaurant, the famed Three Broomsticks, will open its doors to the public in January.

And as always, it’s coming from a local Oregonian: The Portland Mercury’s Jim Kasten wrote that “The menu at the new Three Brooms will be more than just a few dishes: it will be an exploration of Portland’s unique, diverse cuisine.”

The menu at Three Broos will include a new “Crispy Chicken Sandwich,” “Creamy Chicken Salad,” and “Chicken and Potatoes with Salsa.”

The Mercury adds that the menu will also include a full-sized cocktail, a beer, and “a variety of craft cocktails.”

The restaurant will be located at the corner of Southeast Broadway and Southeast Pine, which is where Portland has been popping up in recent years.

“Three Broomstick’s” menu has been on the rise, but this is the first restaurant to open in Portland for the year.

This is an ambitious project.

But it has all the ingredients of a Portland culinary sensation: a full menu, an eclectic vibe, and an opening date just two weeks away. 

For those of you who are not yet familiar with Three Broodsticks, the Portland Mercury says that it will “recreate the comfort and flavor of a family favorite” in the kitchen.

The Mercury explains that Three Broods is a family-owned restaurant with a history that goes back “many generations.”

The name Three Broooms was chosen after the fact, because the Mercury says the name came to the restaurant from the “babies and babies who lived here for decades.”

Three Brooches is open for lunch on the first day, but it will open for dinner on the second day.

The restaurant is opening at a time when Portland’s dining scene has been growing.

The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) announced that it is investing $4 million in the region’s dining industry.

And it seems like a lot of new restaurants are coming to Portland in the next two years.

We’ll have to wait until the new month to see what’s new.

What do you think about the opening of Portland restaurants this year?

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