How to get a meal with an African-American cook

Sep 5, 2021 Abou

Food has long been an integral part of African American culture and tradition.

But in recent years, the culinary world has begun to explore the diversity of the continent’s cuisines.

In recent years we’ve seen chefs from countries like Senegal, Nigeria and Ethiopia take on the task of opening up a new culinary scene.

Today, you can find an African American chef who will be a natural fit to take on one of the most demanding dishes in the country.

Here are some of the chefs who could be a match for a meal you can prepare in just minutes.


Soren Ritterman The chef-owner of Soren’s at The Grove in Detroit is known for his Southern Southern-inflected food, and he’s already had a few hits in the food truck scene.

The Grove, which opened in March 2018, is currently home to Chef Soren, who will open it in the fall.


Paul Senn is a cook at Senn Kitchen in Chicago, Illinois.

The Chicago-born chef-cookbook author has been cooking for more than 30 years and has been a frequent guest on CNN’s Food Network and in the U.K. and Australia.

Paul has previously worked in New York City as a chef and restaurant owner, and is currently based in the United Kingdom.


Chris Johnson, founder and CEO of the Black Table Group, is a Chicago-based chef, restaurateur, and culinary educator.

He has worked with Black students, families, and communities throughout the Chicago region.

Johnson has worked at the likes of Cinco de Mayo, the Chicago Park District, and the University of Chicago.


Michael Dabrowski is the founder and head chef of The Greenhouse in Chicago.

The Green House, which will be opening its doors in late 2019, will offer a new menu to diners and chefs.


Johnnie R. Davis is a chef, food critic and author who has worked in the culinary industry since 1991.

His credits include stints at a number of restaurants, including New York’s D’Angelo, the French restaurant La Maison, and restaurants in London and New Orleans.


Michael Strain, the owner of The Strain in New Orleans, is known around the world for his cooking and food trucks, but is currently working at a restaurant in Chicago’s Logan Square.


Robert A. Daley, the executive chef of the famous The Bistro at the Chicago Botanical Garden, is famous for his signature dishes such as the chicken and mushroom sandwich, and his creations include the grilled chicken and corn on the cob.


Michael Fagan is a celebrated chef who has been at the forefront of culinary innovation since he opened The Biergarten in Chicago in 1996.

His signature dishes include the bacon cheeseburger, which he has served at many restaurants in Chicago and New York, and The Pâté de Mousse, a grilled cheese sandwich with roasted pecans, black olives, pickled carrots, and a drizzle of butter.


Eric Ripert is a longtime cook who has earned a reputation as one of America’s leading food critics and food writers.

His most recent book, How to Be a Chef, was published in March 2019.


Aaron Siegel is a former chef at the iconic Michelin-starred La Perla in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

His book, A Chef’s Life: A Guide to the Art and Science of Cooking, was released in March 2021.


Nick Pappas is the chef and owner of New York-based Pappasa, which has been serving up some of New Jersey’s best dining since 2013.

Pappassas was recently awarded the Michelin Guide’s “Best Chef” award.


Tariq Raza, the founder of the restaurant-based Sushi Chef franchise in Los Angeles, is renowned for his unique take on Japanese cuisine.

His newest venture, Sushi Raza in Los Angles, is set to open its doors this fall.

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