How to make a delicious meal from scratch at home

Sep 5, 2021 Contact

Grubhub has finally opened its own food-focused app, letting diners customize their meals with the help of the restaurant chain’s app and smartphone app.

The app, which debuted earlier this week, lets diners select from three main categories, including desserts, appetizers, and entrees.

The first category includes “Desserts” that can be made by adding the toppings of your choice and topping them with either a fresh fruit or veggie topping.

The second category includes dishes that are “GrubHub favorites,” which can be customized based on the theme of the dish.

The third category includes menus, where the user can enter food preferences, order food, and create their own personalized menu.

While these menus are customizable, it’s the “Grubs” that are really the star of the show, with a selection of the company’s best-loved menu items available for users to choose from.

The company’s app has also been available for Android and Apple devices since June.

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