When you can order food from the comfort of your own home

Sep 18, 2021 Blog

Cape May, New Jersey (CNN) You can order pizza at your favorite restaurant without having to wait in line, drive an hour to the store and be in the know when your food arrives.

But the restaurant has a problem.

It needs to order pizza from a small, family-run business and the company it’s using to do it.

“It’s pretty difficult to get a small business to do this,” said Matt Jones, owner of Cape May’s Restaurant on the Square.

This is the problem, he said.

“You can’t just go into a big chain restaurant and order pizza and then go home and get your pizza.”

Jones and the other owners of the Cape May Pizza Factory in Cape May are struggling to find a way to deliver pizzas from the factory, without using a chain.

When a customer orders a pizza, they enter their ZIP code and order from the restaurant.

Pizza delivery drivers will call the restaurant and ask for the ZIP code, which they enter on the phone.

When they call the number, they’ll be told that the pizza is on the way.

Jones says the delivery drivers also ask for a credit card number to pay for the pizza, which is then transferred to the customers credit card.

That’s when the customer orders the pizza.

When it arrives, the delivery driver hands it off to the manager.

It’s all done by phone.

Jones and his employees are working to change that.

They’re using the Cape Mees Pizza Factory to order and deliver pizza from the small business they’ve owned since 2010.

They’ve got to pay a small fee to use the pizza factory’s delivery services, but they don’t have to pay rent for it.

And they can use the money they save by using the pizza delivery services to buy pizza, Jones said.

The pizza is a big help for the Cape Misery restaurant.

It has a restaurant at the same address and the business is doing well, Jones added.

Cape Misery is an area popular with tourists and locals.

Jones said they have to do the pizza deliveries every week because they’re getting hit with the cold weather.

But they’re also working on getting a larger pizza factory that could be ready for the summer.

Jones is looking for a new owner to take over.

“We want to find someone who has a big enough pizzeria and who can be there when we need them,” Jones said, adding that he’s been in discussions with potential buyers.

We’re really just looking for someone who can bring it into the 21st century and is able to get their hands dirty, Jones explained.

He said the restaurant doesn’t have a large inventory and he hopes to find some space for the pizzas.

He hopes to have a restaurant in the next few months.

If you’re in Cape Misory, check out our interactive map for more information on the restaurant, Cape May and Cape May businesses.

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