Why you should stop worrying about the UK restaurants you’re going to and start planning for what you’re not

Sep 22, 2021 Blog

I have an easy answer to the question “Why are I in the UK?”

The answer is simple: I’m in the US.

It’s the only country in the world where I can visit for more than two weeks.

But why is it important to me that I’m not in the United States?

It’s simple: it’s not in my nature to be in a country that discriminates against me.

If I am in the States, it is because of immigration, or the lack of one.

In other words, I am American because I am an American.

The UK is a different story.

It is the only place in the European Union that treats me the same way as everyone else.

Here are 10 things I learned while living in the USA.


I’m a foreigner In the US, it’s easy to say “No, I’m American” and get into trouble for saying so.

You’re told you’re in the wrong country, but you’re also expected to change your name to “Mr. X” or “Mrs. X”.

I am not American, but I do understand that I have a different accent.

In the UK, I have to keep it “just right”.

In this country, it takes longer to get my name changed, and I can only change my name if I get permission from my local authority.

I am a British citizen, but if I were to change my British name to a foreign one, I would have to take my British passport away and bring it with me.

When I get a call from a phone company or someone to say they’re switching to a different operator, I immediately know they’re going the wrong way.

And they are.

I also have to remember that the country I’m living in is a British territory, not a European one.

And it’s illegal to leave the UK to live in the Netherlands, for example.


It has more immigration problems When I arrived in the U.S., I was very happy with the UK.

I didn’t have any problems getting a visa, and there were plenty of opportunities for me to apply for work, including a job that would have been easy to do here.

But I never felt safe.

If something bad happens in the area where I live, it can get pretty bad.

My biggest worry was the possibility of being targeted for a deportation order.

But if I was in the process of being deported, I was allowed to leave.

And once I left the country, I did not need to worry about getting into trouble.

It would be a shame if my British citizenship got me in trouble again.

I spent a lot of time thinking about this, because the United Kingdom is a country I have never thought about living in.

I think of myself as an American and don’t feel at all like a foreigner in the way that most people feel when they visit the UK or come to the U

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