How to save money and eat at a German restaurant in Atlanta

Oct 28, 2021 Abou

When you’re looking for something new to try, it’s tempting to head to a German-style restaurant or get a beer with your dinner.

But the best way to enjoy German food in Atlanta is to dine in a German cafe, where the dishes are hand-crafted and the prices are lower.

Here are some tips to help you save money on your next meal.


Order ahead of time.

In addition to the German food, there are a few other things you should order ahead of your visit: A selection of wine or other craft beers.

A selection from a local restaurant.

A German beer with the menu featuring German dishes.

There are a lot of good German food spots to choose from, so check them out if you’re in the Atlanta area.

The menu in a restaurant can vary significantly from location to location, so you should check with your local bar to make sure the menu matches what you’re ordering.


Get your own table.

The main dining room at the Greek restaurant at The American Bistro and Bar in the Buckhead neighborhood is the perfect spot to enjoy a meal.

There’s a big screen in the back, and the restaurant is cozy with cozy couches and a cozy bar with a few taps of beer.


Order something special.

The Greek restaurant also has a good selection of vegetarian and gluten-free options.

If you can’t decide on a particular vegetarian or gluten-Free option, try the “Greek salad” (vegan and gluten free options) with grilled chicken and a variety of veggies.


Ask about the specials.

If there’s a specific vegetarian dish or a special item, ask the server or manager what they can make to suit your preferences.

They may also have a menu item or a different menu item that’s better than what you had before.

The servers at The Greek also know a lot about German cuisine and German culture.

The restaurant also hosts a German language lesson for new diners, so be sure to bring your German friend with you if you want to learn more.


Get a beer at home.

Many of the German restaurants and bars in Atlanta are located near transit stations, so ordering beer from home can be more convenient than going to a restaurant.

If your car is too big or you don’t want to leave your car at home, there’s always the option of taking a taxi home.


Go vegetarian.

If vegetarian options aren’t your thing, try a vegan or vegetarian-friendly option.

If it’s not vegetarian-focused, check out the vegetarian options at German restaurants like the Greek Restaurant at The Americans and Bar.


Try a new meal.

Try out new dishes that you wouldn’t normally have on a typical menu.

For example, try out a new German steak dinner or a vegetarian pizza.

You can even order vegan bread or a new veggie loaf with your meal.


Try new cocktails.

There is a lot to try out in Atlanta, and finding a new cocktail can be a bit overwhelming.

You may find a few drinks that you enjoy but the bartender might not have a particular drink to pair with them.

Some bars and restaurants have a mix of beer and wine to pair, so find a place with the right mix of drinks.


Have a good meal.

You should always bring something with you when you visit an Atlanta restaurant.

Try bringing a snack with you to enjoy, or try bringing a cup of tea or coffee.

And don’t forget to get a few glasses of wine with you so you can have some good conversation with the person next to you.


Take your own seat.

If the food is a bit too expensive, ask for the waiter to help out if it’s more than a couple of dollars.


Keep your conversation to yourself.

If someone asks you to speak to a certain person, don’t be afraid to say something nice.

Sometimes, people who are rude to you may just be interested in hearing your story, or you may be interested enough to talk.

If that’s the case, ask to sit next to them and you can talk.



If everyone else is busy, it may be hard to listen to everyone else.

If a person is talking too loudly or talking in a way that’s distracting, turn down the volume.

The louder you talk, the more likely that someone else is listening.


Be prepared to be patient.

The waiters and servers at the restaurant may be friendly and attentive, but they can be slow at times.

Some people will be impatient and not be able to hear you or be patient enough to wait for you to sit down.

Just keep your patience and be patient as they work on your meal and serve you.


Make sure your food arrives safely.

If something goes wrong, call 911 or the local police department.

They can help you with a free food inspection. 15

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