5 Ways to Up your Google Game

Need to up your google game? How many times a day do you search the google. Yep, I call it ‘the google’. If your like most of the folks out there then the answer is probably a whole lot. But although it is fun typing a couple of words in and seeing what comes up, and sometimes I even prefer doing this, there is a much more precise way of finding what you are looking for. So now it is time to up your google game people!

It is not that hard to learn and I am going to list a whole bunch of them so you can keep them on hand for later and astound your self with your own search term wizardry.

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So the following is the list of 5 advanced google search tips that I find useful. It’s short! It’s beautiful! and by jove it’s practical. If you don’t believe me then drag up a google search and you will see just how easy and cool it can be.


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Search like a Pro on the google

  1. Exact Phrase – Put it in double quotation marks like “The perfect roast dinner”
  2. OR – Put that big OR in the middle and feel like a coding god. It will include into your search one OR the other. The only thing to pay attention to is that it is case sensitive. (so OR not or). So for example Cheese OR Onion
  3. Exclude – When you find your searches bring up results that are slightly off topic you can add a – sign in front of the word that is being brought up in connection like BLT -sandwich
  4. Define – One which I fined very useful when I want to explain something. For example, define:gourmet
  5. A page that links to another can be searched by using the list: command like link:huffingtonpost.com sushi-burger

The Observant among you will have seen all my examples are food orientated? What can I say, here at Don Buenazo we love food. Why not check us out on google? 🙂