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How to get the best Birmingham restaurants for dinner

Birmingham restaurants are getting a lot of love from diners after the Birmingham City Council approved the first Birmingham Restaurant Week in November.

The event will take place every other weekend during the month of October from Nov. 2 to Nov. 6.

It will also feature a variety of local restaurants that have been featured on the city’s menu.

Here’s how to prepare for the special event:  1.

Get a Birmingham-style foodie guide and start reading.

Birmingham is home to a number of famous chefs, including Tom Colicchio, Tony Tocchetti, and Michael Raimondo.

This year, the City Council has decided to introduce Birmingham-Style Foodie Week, which will kick off on Sunday, Nov. 3.

The celebration will feature dozens of restaurants in the city, ranging from hip new restaurants like the new, hip, and trendy Bier Garten to historic, family-run, and beloved restaurants like The Ritz and The Rizzoli.

The goal of Birmingham-styled foodie week is to bring together people from all walks of life who share a love for food, and it will be an exciting experience for those who love food.


Make your reservations ahead of time.

In Birmingham, reservations are generally easy to make and are often made on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you need a quick table, be sure to book online or call ahead. 


Check out Birmingham’s restaurants.

Some of Birmingham’s best restaurants, like the iconic Dukes of Hameln and the award-winning Bistro La Grande, are located right next to each other, but the city also has several other restaurants that will be offering special menus on Nov. 4 and 5. 


Check the calendar for the week ahead.

Restaurants that are not participating in Birmingham-inspired events are scheduled to be available for lunch on Nov .

5 and dinner on Nov 6. 


Don’t miss the food.

This will be a great opportunity to sample some of the best local and regional Birmingham dishes.

Get in line for free, grab a drink and enjoy some great food. 


Make a reservation online or with a phone call. 

If you are a local to Birmingham, make sure to reserve your table ahead of the event. 


Keep up with the new food trends.

This is a great time to check out what’s going on in the region.

Birmingham-based restaurants are offering a variety, including a variety from hip and trendy foodie restaurants to classic classics like The Big Bang Burger, The Biergarten, and the Bier Grille. 


Enjoy a great meal.

Birmingham restaurants will be serving up some of their signature dishes on Nov 4, 5, and 6, but they will also have a wide variety of different, regional dishes that are sure to please. 


Be sure to bring your appetite.

Birmingham’s new foodie-focused events are sure a great way to get your appetite going, but if you are looking to get a little more physical, Birmingham’s fitness and exercise facilities are also a great option. 


Plan ahead.

The Birmingham City Commission will be hosting a variety on Nov 5-6, from the Food Network’s “Fitness Week” to the new Birmingham Sports & Fitness Expo. 


Keep an eye on Birmingham’s festivals.

Some great events will take over the city during the week of Nov. 5-5: The Birmingham Arts Festival on Nov 1 and 2, the Great Northern Arts Festival Nov. 1-2, and St. Patrick’s Day on Nov 2. 


Try Birmingham’s newest restaurants.

Be on the lookout for new restaurant openings this year.

If your favorite restaurant is not participating, you can still get a great dining experience on Nov 4-5. 


Be careful with the food and drink.

Birmingham has a reputation for having some of our most diverse and creative dining and drinking cultures.

Birmingham Restaurant Weeks has partnered with a number local and national restaurants to share the excitement and diversity of the city. 


Eat a Birmingham meal!

Check out the food options in Birmingham below.