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Halal restaurant halal review

DALLAS (AP) Halal restaurants in Texas are serving halal food on menus in some parts of the state and restaurants are posting signs with the new name on their menus.

In a statement, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton says he’s pleased with the change, which is effective immediately.

The attorney general says restaurants can no longer use the word “haram” in their menus, but they can still post signs with “HALAL” on them.

He says this will help consumers make the right decision.

The move comes after a slew of public outcry about a spate of restaurants that were refusing to serve customers with the word halal in their names.

It’s an issue that’s gotten more attention in recent months because of the rise in American Muslims traveling to the U.S. from Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries.

The change to the name comes on the heels of a ruling by the U,S.

Supreme Court that said a city must allow the use of the word Islamic on its signs.