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Fort Myers restaurant owners say they’ll be out of business after Trump’s order

Fort Myers, Fla.

— The owners of a Fort Myers eatery that serves up the traditional chicken-fried steak are taking legal action against President Donald Trump, alleging they’re being unfairly targeted by his executive order banning travel from seven majority-Muslim countries.

In a lawsuit filed Monday in federal court in New Orleans, the owners of the Red Wing restaurant allege that Trump’s executive order violates the First Amendment.

It also says that the executive order is a violation of the National Labor Relations Act, which prohibits employers from retaliating against workers who have unionized.

The lawsuit is being filed on behalf of the owners and others who have sued the president in an effort to overturn the order.

The owners of Red Wing, which has more than 300 locations nationwide, have been trying to get a restraining order against the executive action since March, but were told by a judge on Thursday that a temporary restraining order was needed because the order is still under review.

The judge told the owners they would have to file a notice of intent to sue to get that order.

“I have to get it,” the judge said.

“I can’t go ahead and wait until it’s on the docket.”

The owners say Trump’s orders are an attack on the First, Second and Fourth Amendments, which guarantee freedom of religion, speech and association.

“The President’s Executive Order, like every other executive order under his tenure, is an attack against the First and the Second Amendments,” said the lawsuit, filed on the attorneys general’ behalf.

“In this case, the executive orders are based on the President’s assertion that religious freedom is under attack by an international movement that seeks to impose a religion on America.

The Plaintiffs’ religious freedom concerns are legitimate, and we look forward to defending these First Amendment rights in court.”

The lawsuit, which is being litigated in federal district court in Florida, says that in December, the federal government issued a revised version of its executive order on the immigration order that the owners had filed in the state’s courts.

The revised order bans travelers from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

The plaintiffs say they had previously sued Trump and the White House for the order in January.

How to Fix Your Favorite Restaurant Equipment Issue

A list of the most popular restaurant equipment issues in Des Moines, Iowa, includes a lot of common household items.

But in a town of roughly 2.4 million, it’s hard to find many of the items you might expect.

Some of the problems include broken, damaged or missing equipment.

And some of them can be quite serious.

Here are the items that are most commonly reported, sorted by common item and cost.

We also found that most of these items are not as common in the suburbs.


Crackerjack One of the oldest items of kitchenware, it is now more commonly found in places like hotels, motels, bars and restaurants than in the kitchens.

It is still relatively common for a restaurant to use this item, but its use is increasingly limited.

A lot of the Cracker Jacks that we found had cracked or cracked in the handles.

The metal portion is metal and is supposed to be rust-proof, but some of the cracked crack was visible when the handle was touched.


Plastic bottles In a place where plastic bottles are considered a food item, it makes sense that the bottle could be a major concern.

In the past, they were considered disposable and not worth replacing, but as food prices continue to go up, they are more and more common.

Even in the summer, when they’re used in the kitchen, they can cause a nasty burn to your fingers.


Pot holders If you’re going to buy a new kitchen or dining room furniture, you’re probably going to need to replace it at least once.

Many restaurants now offer pots that are more sturdy than the ones you’re likely to use in your kitchen.

The ones we found were made of aluminum, but we found that they were also made of wood.

This is a common problem with portable pots, which have a plastic base, which means they are easily damaged when they are not held in place by your hands.


Microwave ovens and heat controllers The microwave oven is a household staple, and many restaurants offer the oven in the menu.

But in many cases, they aren’t being properly maintained.

Some of them have problems with faulty parts.

These microwave ovens are not meant to be used in a hot or dry environment.

The problem with this is that they can damage your oven if you don’t use them properly.


Pans and pans are hard to clean In our kitchen, we don’t have any pots, pans or even utensils that need to be cleaned.

But we did find that many of them were damaged.

Sometimes, you’ll see the kitchen sink and countertop in the sink, but sometimes you’ll find that there’s also a broken or cracked pot holder on the countertop.


Cracked dishwasher detergent bottles A number of restaurant foodservice employees reported that they found cracked bottles of dishwasher products.

If it is a problem with a dishwasher, don’t throw it away.

It is possible that it can cause the dishwasher to run low on detergent, so try to buy some of these replacement bottles before they are no longer available.


Cloth bags are hard on your hands If your kitchenware has cracked or broken handles, you might be able to use these as disposable items instead.

You can wash your hands after using the items, but there is a chance that you might not be able get the item back if you do. 8.

Dishwasher racks and shelves If they don’t sit well on the table, some restaurant equipment can get in the way of your other dishes.


Pot rack and dishwasher is not dishwasher safe If the dishwashing utensil is not installed properly, it can be difficult to keep the utensis in place.


Dried pasta is hard to wash after using it If someone doesn’t wash their hands after eating, they might be hard on their hands.

It can also cause the food to become more clumpy.


Dishwashing uters are too short If there are too few dishwashing stations in a restaurant, it could be difficult for a dishwashing machine to work.


Dish washer fluid can clog up your sink and kitchen sink article If you use a dishwasher, you should probably purchase a second one.


The inside of your dishwasher can leak liquid when it’s not being used correctly source MTV Magazine article If a dish washer doesn’t work properly, the water inside it can clump together.

If that happens, you may not be getting the desired results.


Dishwashers can be hard to use properly source MTVMagazine article If the dishwashers aren’t working properly, you could end up with a mess