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‘I don’t want to go back to normal’: New Orleans restaurant says ‘I want to come back to normality’

A New Orleans diner who claims he is suffering from a rare neurological condition has been forced to cancel his plans to open a new restaurant in the city after he was told he would have to leave the state.

“The first day I left I was told I would have a lot of trouble in New Orleans because I’m an immigrant, I’m from the Caribbean,” Al Jazeera’s Will MacAskill reported.

“I was like, ‘This is crazy.

We don’t have a restaurant here.'””

So now I’m in New York, but I have to go to New Orleans.”

Our team has been working hard to get the word out about our new restaurant, but it has become clear that some of you don’t feel comfortable visiting us.

Al Jazeera’s Emily Davis reports from New Orleans.