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Woman with cancer dies in Pittsburgh restaurant explosion

A woman in Pittsburgh was killed when a bomb exploded in her restaurant.

The blast happened at Casablanca, a restaurant on the edge of downtown.

The Associated Press identified the woman as 48-year-old Jennifer Lee.

She was a cook at the restaurant.

She worked for the restaurant for more than 25 years, but was recently diagnosed with stage four lung cancer.

Her husband, Peter, who is in his 50s, said his wife died Friday morning at a hospital in nearby Westmoreland County.

The restaurant’s owners said it had been the site of a number of accidents in recent years.

It was closed for the weekend while they investigated the cause of the explosion, the owners said.

Casablanca is the only one of the restaurant’s 13 locations that has been hit by an explosion.

The explosion happened just before 4 p.m.

Friday and caused damage to the front of the building.

It wasn’t immediately clear what caused the explosion.

Casablanca has been in business since 1963.

The restaurant is a fixture in downtown Pittsburgh.

The owners said they had no other information.

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Pittsburgh restaurants close by as protests flare in US

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (AP) A crowd of about 30 people gathered Sunday outside a popular Greek restaurant in the small Pittsburgh suburb of West Chester, chanting and banging pots and pans and banging on a police car, local media reported.

Police responded and used pepper spray to disperse the crowd.

The incident occurred less than a week after a small crowd in the area of the restaurant was met with pepper spray by officers who were trying to disperse a small group of demonstrators who had blocked traffic, local reports said.

Several police officers were hurt during the clashes, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported.

The protesters had been blocking traffic on I-75, an expressway through Pittsburgh’s downtown, local news outlets said.

The protests come after protests over the weekend in cities across the country and in Washington, D.C.

Protesters also staged a rally in Washington this week, and hundreds more in New York and Philadelphia have taken to the streets in the past two days.

The unrest began with the death of a 32-year-old black man in North Charleston, South Carolina, on Saturday, and spread to other parts of the country on Sunday, when police fired pepper spray and tear gas at crowds.