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Which of the Washington’s top restaurants is most expensive?

Restaurant prices are out of control, and a new report finds Washington restaurants can cost more than $600 a person.

But we still know what restaurants are worth.

Restaurants like Cheesecake Factory and Olive Garden, which serve the same basic menu of soups, salads, sandwiches and pizzas, are still the cheapest.

But as Washington Restaurant Association chief executive officer John Nolte says, the real question is, “Who does the best business?”

To find out, we asked Washington Restaurant Magazine’s ranking of the 10 highest-priced restaurants in the state.

The results: The $1.3 billion Olive Garden chain, which was ranked second on the list, is worth more than double what it was a decade ago, and the $1,068 Cheesecakes Cafe chain, the nation’s top-selling cafe, was worth more in 2014 than it was in 2006.

We also ranked the top 10 dining establishments in the U.S. and ranked them in descending order.

The list: 1.

Olive Garden: $1 million 2.

Cheeseca, Cheeseburger & Bacon, Steakhouse, Seafood: $844 3.

Olive, Steaks, Seafowl, Pasta: $749 4.

Olive Kitchen: $924 5.

Olive and Sons: $950 6.

Olive Steaks: $969 7.

Olive: $951 8.

Olive’s Seafood Grill & Bar: $949 9.

Olive Cafe: $899 10.

Olive Bar & Grill: $896 The ranking includes $1 billion of sales, including $539 million in sales for restaurants, and $3.6 billion of restaurants in Washington alone.

Restaurateurs, who typically get paid about $100,000 to $150,000 per year, are also struggling to keep up.

They’re also being squeezed by the recession, which is affecting their margins.

We ranked the ten restaurants with the highest average monthly profit.

We used a 10-year average for the year as we don’t include the restaurant’s first year of operation.

The 10 highest ranking restaurants in each category are: 1) Olive Garden (4th): $1 Million 2) Cheesechast, Olive Garden Seafood (3rd): $750 3) Olive & Sons, Olive & Son Seafood, Steakhouses (3th): 535 4) Olive Kitchen (4,000): $912 5) Olive Steak & Bar, Olive Steakhast Steak House, Steaming Pan, Seafoam (4) 5) Bistro Pizzeria, Bistrot, Biscuit & Waffles (3,200): $875 6) Olive Seafood & Pizzas, Baked Potato & Waffle (3) 7) Olive Bar (3): $745 8) Olive Cafe, Olive Bar, Seafar, Seafa (3)-4,600 9) Olive Grill & Co., Olive Grill, Pizzazza & Co. (3), Olive & Olive Steamer (3-4,200 10) Olive, Olive Grill (3+)