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The Next Big Food is Coming to Philly

Restaurants in the Philadelphia area are expected to open in the fall.

But the future is not as sunny as they imagine.

“The restaurant business is going to be a little bit tougher because of the downturn,” said Kevin Bielinski, managing partner at The Bielink Group.

“The business has really taken a hit and we are going to see a slower return to health.”

Bielinski is also worried about the potential of Philadelphia’s existing restaurant scene, which has been hit hard by the recession and the Great Recession.

“I do not think Philadelphia is in the same category as New York, San Francisco, or Chicago,” Bielinks said.

“We are in a similar situation in terms of the economic environment, in terms the number of restaurants.”

Philadelphia’s restaurant sector will have to reinvent itself.

Many of the major restaurants in the city are still owned by a small number of investors.

The companies that are now owned by investors will need to be reinvented to survive the next economic downturn, which could have a big impact on their bottom lines.

“We will be seeing some changes in our industry,” said Mark Miller, managing director at the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Restaurant, Food Service and Wine.

“It’s going to take a little time for the industry to bounce back and for the restaurants to be able to adapt.”

A couple of other big changes are also coming, including a change in the way the city deals with permits.

In order to build a restaurant, it needs to apply for permits, which can take years.

There’s also a new tax law that will make it harder for businesses to move into Philadelphia, such as a 10 percent surcharge on restaurant sales.

The new law will take effect on June 30.

The other big change coming is the legalization of marijuana.

Currently, marijuana is illegal in the U.S. However, that will change when the Philadelphia City Council passes a measure legalizing the drug on July 1.

“It’s a little different because there is now a framework for it, a framework to be worked out with the state,” Miller said.

The city will also be able license marijuana businesses.

The city is also expected to start enforcing more rules for businesses, including the ability to close at any time.

“What we are seeing in the next two years is a huge expansion of enforcement,” Bialinski said.

That includes the city starting to enforce new rules that will require restaurants to pay rent to nearby businesses.

The rules will also require the restaurants and bar owners to pay for parking spaces and the like.

The bill will also allow the city to ban the use of plastic bags in restaurants.

The ban was approved by the city council on Tuesday, but a few small restaurants have been able to continue to operate with plastic bags.

In other areas, there are other changes that are likely to make a difference for the future.

In addition to the legalization and licensing of marijuana, there will also likely be a major change to the way Philadelphia’s schools are funded.