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Which Mexican restaurants are worth checking out in San Francisco?

The next few days could be a defining moment for the city, and that means it’s time to assess which Mexican restaurants in San Franciscos hottest spots are worth a visit.

While there’s not a lot to go on here, here are five restaurants worth checking in on if you’re in the area.


The Nuevo Mexican restaurant chain: This is probably the best place to visit if you want to find a quick and simple Mexican meal, but it also has a great selection of other Mexican and Asian options.

You can grab a bowl of tortilla chips or a guacamole, and the restaurant serves up some of the best margaritas in the city.

They also have a selection of drinks and snacks, and they also have live music to keep the crowd dancing.

If you’re craving tacos, the food is worth it. 2.

La Guacamela: Located in Mission Valley, La Guachlana is a casual, yet very authentic Mexican restaurant.

This place is definitely one to visit, because it’s very popular.

It’s just a short walk from BART and you can easily grab a quick lunch before heading back to your hotel or your car.


El Comercio Mexican Cuisine: This place serves up a variety of delicious Mexican dishes and is perfect for a quick bite to eat.

It is located right by the intersection of Valencia and Market Streets, so you can definitely catch the train or bus or whatever and get your Mexican fix while enjoying a good margarita.

The menu is also full of choices, and there’s a selection to choose from, from traditional taqueria food to more upscale items like tamales, burritos, and enchiladas.


La Marzo: This restaurant serves an amazing variety of authentic Mexican dishes, and you’ll find them all on their menu.

The restaurant is also located on Market Street, so it’s easy to get to and from the station and get the most out of the trip.

If it’s your first time, make sure to check out their special event menu, which includes dishes like fried chicken, tacos, and more.


Picha del Sol: This Mexican restaurant is located in the heart of the Mission, so get out there and have a good time.

It has some of San Francisco’s best tacos and authentic Mexican food.


Baja Taqueria: This unique taquería is located at the corner of Valencia Street and Market Street in Mission.

This is a great spot to get some Mexican food and get some great tacos.


La Maquina: La Maquinas taquers in Mission, and this one is on the same block as Pichas.

This taquerie has some great food, and if you order the tortilla chip, you can enjoy a plate of fresh-made tacos.


El Barrio: This traditional Mexican restaurant in the Mission is a good choice for a casual meal.

It also has some authentic Mexican fare.


El Palomar: El Palomas Mexican restaurant has some good choices, as it serves up traditional Mexican food with a twist.


La Baja: This small taquero is located near the intersection between Valencia and the Market Street Station.

This restaurant is pretty popular and offers some authentic dishes.


El Tijuana Taquero: If you want a good burrito, this place is your spot.

The food here is good and the atmosphere is friendly, but you’ll probably want to bring your own food.


El Bodega La Mexicana: This taquineria is located across the street from La Bodegabe La Mexicalana.

It serves some of Mexico’s best burrito and tortilla tacos.


La Palma: La Palmas taqueros is located on the corner in front of La Palmos.

This has some really good food and is also a great place to have a drink.


The Tapas Bar: Located at the intersection at Valencia and Park, this taquera serves some good Mexican food in the evenings.


El Mercado del Mar: This bar serves authentic Mexican-inspired cocktails.


La Barra Baja Grill: La Barras Mexican Restaurant is located along Market Street and serves up authentic Mexican cuisine.


La Domingo Taqueros: This Taquera has some excellent Mexican food, with some of California’s best.


La Chicas La Tambien: La Chias La Tampan is located just a few blocks from El Palos Mexican Restaurant.

This Taquería has some amazing burrita and taco options.


La Tres Amigos: This famous Mexican taquering restaurant is situated on Market and Market.

It hosts a few good taques, and it also serves a variety for your Mexican meal.

20. La Tabac

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Stetson told the Post that her account was temporarily locked to prevent the “destruction” of the company’s reputation.

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